“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin .

Our clients

PlanBib has different customers groups and adapts the PlanBib configuration to the specific needs of those user groups.

Facility managers

PlanBib is the online facility management tool, including building inventory tools and other management tools.


Making an inventory of all city assets and promote interacting with the citizens on reporting issues and managing them.


Working online and keeping track of steps during construction or permit acquisition. Working together projects and tasks.

Keeping track of building inventory.

PlanBib is the tool to help you keep track of building information and to make asset inventories. Not only can it be used for the easy and intuïtive building struture but also for the many functionalities that are directly linked to the building structure tree, such as smart energy meters.

We help you to report errors.

PlanBib helps your employees, customers, citizens to report issues and errors on the spot using the PlanBib Error Reporting app. This app sends all reported issues to a central portal where a dedicated person can decide on witch actions to take.


We Make your data available where you need them.

PlanBib is an online platform accessable through most browsers and devices. This makes it possible to retrieve information, tasks, calendar, building plans,… as quick as possible on the place you need them. This helps your team get into action faster and makes support easier.


Some PlanBib functions.

PlanBib targets different user groups involved in managing properties or public space. This starts during development till maintenance of those assets. Here you can find some functions that can be included in your PlanBIb configuration.



Each user can assemble their prefered feature combination in order to fit their needs the best possible way.


Request reports

In order to make the right decissions we will support you with the right data.

Photo and plan navigation

By using the advanced view and edit mode you can easily turn pictures and building plans into quick navigation tools.


Thanks to our trajectory editor is it possible to define and keep track of your tasks during the different stages of aquiring building permits.

Smart metering

Integration with smart metering devices in order to track and calculate utility usage for each idnividual user/building zone.

Let’s Work Together

Do you have questions or custom function requirement needs, keep us posted, we would like to help by providing you a custom integrated solution.

Some custom possibilities are specific reports, integration with other systems, IOT appliances, production equipment, websites, apps,…